Makers Radio?

Something new and different! Is this a trailer? Now, I am not about to call this a podcast, but more me (Brittany) getting out my

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The REAL Path to Success

Friends, long term success is not all rainbows and butterflies. Ask anyone in the gym who you look up to whether it is because they

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10 Tips to Staying on Track

Ever started a new diet or workout routine and totally rocked it for the first 3 weeks? No missed days, prepped for the following day,

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Test Your Core

Before we spew out exercises to improve your core, we got to get a baseline. Here is your core test! Beginning Standard Movements Hand Supported

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Sit ups for core?

When you want to work on your core, what is your go to move?… Sit Ups? News Flash… Traditional core workout like sit ups are

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Engage my core…How?

Mashed potatoes… Thats what we call it when doing a front squat and the body starts to collapse in half making you look more like

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