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10 Tips to Staying on Track

Ever started a new diet or workout routine and totally rocked it for the first 3 weeks? No missed days, prepped for the following day, all the motivation in the world. Then week 4 hits, and boom its all gone. You stopped working out, all your meals came from a fast food drive through, and you ended each day with a glass of wine and the couch. Back into your old ways. 

We’ve seen it happen before. Shoot, we’ve done it before. Probably more than we would like to admit. 

But what we do have are members and coaches who have stuck it out, lost a ton of weight, gained plenty of muscle, and have been on a healthy-balanced lifestyle for 5+ years now. 

So what are their tricks to staying on track?

1. Engage in the community.

Not only will the coaches become your biggest advocated, but so will the members. Each one of us have been a your shoes or something similar at least. At the end of the day, we are all like-minded and want to cheer you on! 

2. Schedule it in your calendar.

You would do everything not to miss a work meeting or a dentist appointment. Treat your workouts just like that. An appointment with yourself and your health coach. 

3. Sign in for classes for the entire week in advance.

Now that you have your workouts in your calendar, reserve your class spots in SugarWod. By doing this you create an intention and have started the process of completing it by physically taking action. Plus, the coaches look to see who is coming in advanced and notice when you drop out or ghost us. 

4. Print off a calendar and mark off the days that you come in.

This visual gives you a feeling of satisfaction and progress, which will reinforce your actions. 

5. Share your progress on social media.

This creates another level of accountability even if no one really follows you on social media.

6. Keep data.

Research shows that just keeping a log of your sleep can improve your sleep quality. If you have a goal to look better naked, take progress pictures of yourself (but maybe with a swimsuit on). If your goal is to improve your nutrition, keep a log of what you are eating. If your goal is to get stronger, log your workouts and weights you are using. We have to remember where we started. We get used to how we currently look because change is subtle. Comparing your now and then will give you an objective look at your progress.  

7. Set quarterly goal-setting meetings with an accountability buddy.

If you are a member at Makers, we want to schedule these meetings with you every 90 days, so reach out to get yours on the calendar!

8. Go back to your “why.”

Your why is what will keep you going when you have no motivation. If you are unsure what your why is ask yourself “why do I want to achieve this goal”. Also ask yourself some deeper questions like “How will achieving my goal impact my life?” “How will it impact those around me?” “How will it feel to achieve this goal?” Visualize yourself doing the things you need to do to accomplish this goal. You will soon be there!

9. Don’t make it all or nothing.

This is a journey. You are not here for the quick, easy fix that isn’t maintainable. There will be good days and hard days. Don’t let them deter you. Learn something from every obstacle and continue forward.  

10. Celebrate milestones along the way.

It doesn’t have to be anything big. Maybe a pair of new socks, a new journal, or a spa day. But acknowledge your hard fought efforts. 

There are many ways to keep yourself accountable and build new habits. You don’t need to do it all, but find what works for you and switch it up if it no longer does.

Stick with it for awhile and soon the habits you are trying to create now will become your new life style. 

Inspiration provided by Sarah Neal at

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