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2024 Makers CrossFit Intramural Open

Welcome to the 2024 CrossFit Open! 

In this email you’ll find a wealth of information. 

Please take the time to read through it so you’re in the know and so that you don’t unintentionally screw over your team;). 

Haven’t signed up for the Open yet? There’s still time to sign up HERE


Teams are split up by classes (5:30am / 9am / Noon/ 4:30pm/ 6:00pm). You, ultimately, can choose what class you want to sign up under. This means you can bribe or be bribed to be part of any class time. If there is one class time that has significant participants, we will choose to split them up into other classes.  ALTHOUGH, winning is all about consistent participation.


The Open workout will be our class workout for both Friday and Saturday. If you are someone who likes to take their time getting warmed up, we suggest doing the workout on Saturdays. We will be “judging” each other during the workouts. This does mean that workouts will be performed in multiple heats.  


Here’s what you can expect each week: 

1. Learn the workout at 12pm (noon) each Thursday via the LIVE Announcement from CrossFit (see 

2. Wake up on Friday or Saturday morning to go big with your theme outfit. 

3. Attend group class on Friday or Saturday, do The Open workout. OR do the workout outside of class. You have from Thursday at noon until Monday at 6pm each week to complete the OPEN workout. 

4. Continue on a tear through the remainder of the week accumulating group class attendance points. 

5. Log your week’s points in the Google Survey Form sent out every Monday evening. All point submission sheets are due by TUESDAY AT 6PM. NO EXCEPTIONS! WORKOUT POINTS SUBMISSION You will need to perform ONE action each week to log your score and submit your weekly points earned. 

Action: Fill out the weekly Intramural Google Survey Form that is sent out Monday evening each week. You will record your weekly Individual Points as well as your workout score. Just to reiterate – you will need to record your weekly score at AND you will need to fill out the weekly Intramural Google Survey Form (sent via email). You have from the Tuesday prior to each Open workout until Monday to accumulate your weekly class attendance points for that week. 

Weekly class attendance points accumulation weeks are: 

● Week 1: Tuesday, February 27 – Monday, March 4

● Week 2: Tuesday, March 5 – Monday, March 11 

● Week 3: Tuesday, March 12 – Monday, March 18 

● Week 4: Tuesday, March 19 – Monday, March 25

You must complete the points submission form between Monday at 6pm and Tuesday at 6pm of each week. No exceptions. We’ll remind you about all of this as we get closer, but it wouldn’t hurt to put reminders on your calendar now! 


There are three categories of points available to teams each week: 

● Individual points 

● Scored workout placing points 

● Team challenges 


INDIVIDUAL POINTS (13 total per week per individual)

Opportunity 1: Class Attendance

5 points for attending 5+ classes the Tuesday – Monday of the previous week.

4 points for attending at least 3 classes the Tuesday – Monday of the previous week

MUST Sign into class to count via Wodify. 

Opportunity 2: Open Workout Attendance

4 points – You did the Open workout at the designated class time

2 points – You did the workout outside of class, with a judge, obviously

Opportunity 3: Theme Week Participation

4 points – Dress up as the theme that week. You may dress up either Friday or Saturday and may change outfits for the workout.  

Week 1: Decades

Week 2: Twin Day

Week 3: Team Colors

Week 4: Favorite Music Genre


The Top 3 Men and Women’s scores for Rx and Scaled in their Intramural age category will earn points for their team.

1st – 10 points 

2nd – 8 points 

3rd – 6 points

Intramural age category

This year, we will have two age categories. Young Bucks and The Legends. Age cut-off is TBD. 


Help your team earn extra points by participating in fun one-off competitions. 

  • Week 1 :  Most Judges Courses Completed. You must forward your certification to (Can Judges Course here
  • Week 2: Best Team Name (to be voted by a non-participating intramural open athlete) 
  • Week 3: Timelines – small groups (no more than 3 people)  from each team will complete a timeline of CrossFit events that they need to put in chronological order. 


That’s right! This year, we will be adding in 1 more workout. This workout will ONLY take place on Saturday, March 23rd. 

This will be a workout unlike any other one we have done before 🙂

Post Open Brunch Saturday, March 23rd

Stick around and celebrate completing another Open Season with some good ole’ breakfast. 

May the odds be ever in your favor,

Brittany Malone and the Makers Staff

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