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3 reason why you are enough shape NOW to start at Makers!

“Before starting CF, my range of motion was limited. One things I vividly recall was noticing that once I had been doing CF for awhile, I was able to turn my whole body when reversing my car. Before I could only turn my head.” – Coach Eddie
  • The movements are do are movements you do already! Squatting is getting on and off a toilet. Deadlifting is picking up a bag of dog food. Swinging your kid up and down is a kettlebell swing. Box step up is hiking.
  • You will start slow! Our coaches want to help you get consistent both in your movement and coming into the gym. That means weights stay a little lighter until you have the mechanics down. That also means scaling down reps and intensity, so you do not get so sore that you cannot come back until the following week. Consistency = Change
  • Our coaches have been in your shoes and are now thriving. This means they know the steps you need to take based off of experience. Both Coach Eddie and Coach Whitlow have LOSS 30+lbs by focusing on functional movement and nutrition. Both had to scale down weights and technical movements when they started. Now they are able to do both the technical movements and lift heavier. 

If you are ready to take the leap (remember your body IS ready), schedule a call to chat with a coach on how to get started HERE.

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