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Engage my core…How?

Mashed potatoes… Thats what we call it when doing a front squat and the body starts to collapse in half making you look more like a dog going poop than an olympic weightlifter. 

Bracing is what we do to keep the core rigid

This is also why front squats (with a barbell, kb, d-ball, dumbbells are one of the best core exercises) are so hard, yet so potent for core strength. 

Keeping a stiff core (aka tight core) also allows you to transfer power, energy, stability, efficient from the lower to upper body. 

There is a few myths on how to engage your core.

You do NOT engage your core by…

  • Flexing your abs
  • Sucking in air
  • Pull your belly button to your spine

None of these above create stiffness and tension in your core.

In order to create stiffness… you have to EXPAND from the inside out. 

That means breath is key!

The breath goes into the diaphragm

  • Not the chest
  • Not the belly

The diaphragm. This help create pressure in the front, side, and back of your core.

Next step, apply pressure. The easiest way to explain this is pretend like you are about to get a kick to your stomach. That pressure you apply to essential make your stomach is hard as brick is what you need!

This PROTECTS your SPINE and helps transfer energy from your legs to your arms.

Having a hard time envisioning this? 

Watch the video below!

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