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Getting Back On Track.

Life is dynamic. Therefore, it is inevitable that we will get a little off track from time to time.

The holiday season seems to be one of those times where it is so easy to get off track.

What can we do to stay as healthy as possible during these times of craziness?

  • Be honest with what you can handle.
    • Look at your schedule and what is going on in your life. Maybe up until this point, you were tracking your food, on a strict nutrition plan, working out 2+ hours a day, but suddenly, that is not manageable. If everything cannot fit into your schedule, be honest about it and decide was is the most essential tasks to do in the day. Doing extra work or plugging in every gram you consume might not be essential at this time.
  • Rely on the basics. 
    • Eat whole foods. Meats and veggies. Nuts and seeds. Some starch. Little fruit. No sugar.
    • Sleep 8+ hours a day. DO NOT SKIP THIS! Sleep is key to not just recovery, but also long-term health.
    • MOVE and move every day! It does not always have to be long and intense to create impact. Movement heals. Staying stagnant kills.
  • Be kind to yourself.

How to jump back into routine?

  • Have a plan before you start.
    • If you are ready to start working out again, know what time you are going to workout. If you are going to get back to your nutrition, plan your food and amounts, get rid of the junk, meal prep, and store your food in containers.
    • Have a realist mindset. If you are not as strong or do not have the stamina that you once did, do not put yourself down. Where you are right now is not a negative. It is a fact of the moment. Learn from where you are now and make a plan of attack.
    • Don’tknow where to start? ASK FOR HELP! Do you know that you need to improve your nutrition? Reach out to a nutrition coach! Do you not know what to do when you workout? Find a coach! Do you know accountability is a huge factor on whether you succeed or not? Find a group of people that will push you or a coach that will check in with you.

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