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I need a detox?…

Wait before you commit to a detox, let’s find out if you REALLY need a full blown detox.

Detoxes can actually do more harm that good depending on if you need one or not 

Ask yourself, why do I need to detox.

If you need to detox because you had a few more cookies than what you should have over the holidays then…

You DO NOT need a hardcore detox or juice cleanse.

What you need is a sugar detox and gut restoration which means cut out the sugar and provided your gut with healthy foods like PLENTY of vegetables. 

HOWEVER a juice detox can leave you with negative side effects like being lethargic and becoming more bloated. Juices contain very low calories causing very low energy and depleting hormone levels. Juices are usually packed with high sugar feeding bad bacteria in the gut leadings to more inflammation and blood sugar crashes, 

If you need a detox because you had too many drinks… 

You may benefit from a detox. Alcohol is toxic to our bodies. Most the time you can naturally detox once again by eating PLENTY of veggies because of their natural detox properties. Drinking half your body weight in fluid ounces will also help flush the system. 

You also may benefit from a simple liver detox. 

If you have been exposed to heavy metals… you may want to talk to your doctor to get some blood work done and consult with them from there. 

Overall, most people do not need a full blown detox. 

If are you feeling a little more noticeably sluggish and bloated than usual focus on these instead:


  1. Sleep 7+ hours a night. Sleep is when your organs (including your liver) rest and recovery. Skip out on sleep and you are robbing your body of the healing process. 
  2. Water. Holf your body weight in fluid ounces a great rule of thumb. If you workout, you will need to bump up your intake. 


  1. Eat a ton of veggies aim for 500g good, 650g better, 800g best.
  2. Omit the culprit. Sugar and alcohol are the main culprits. 


  1. Gluathione: an important antioxidant that helps your liver do its job properly. However, those with a poor liver function tend to have depleted glutathione levels. 
  2. Milk thistle: A natural herd that has been coined as the detox herb. However, there is little research to prove this is true. 

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