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Makers Challenge

It is time for our first MAKERS CHALLENGE!

This will be a 5-week challenge. It starts officially May 27th and ends July 1st. Right in time for the 4th of July.

The main purpose of the challenge is to bring attention and create consistency in all three areas of wellness: nutrition, exercise, and sleep.

Here is what you will be given:

  1. Block Plan individualized to you
  2. Food List
  3. Accountability Google Spreadsheet (Point System)
  4. Pre and Post hydrostatic dunk
  5. Check Ins

Block Plan and Food List

No macros here!

Instead, we will be using a block system. The block system allows you to learn the amounts you need for your body, while not going so deep as tracking each gram of food.

This is NOT a template. Your block prescription will be individualized to you and your goals. You will also be given a food list.

Here is an example of what the Block Plan and food list look like.


Accountability Spreadsheet

Though nutrition is important for health progress, it is much more powerful when paired with exercise and nutrition.

Because of this, we will also be tracking your exercise and sleep.

The prescription will be 4x a week of exercise and 7+ hours of sleep. Consistency of these three will be considered when determining the winner of the challenge.

Hydrostatic Dunk

Unbiased data is needed to get a real idea if what we are doing is working. Because of this, participants will be required to partake in a hydrostatic body fat dunk pre and post challenge.

Why are we using body fat testing and not just the scale?

The number on the scale is irrelevant to health and does not give us the whole picture of health. What is relevant is how much body fat and lean muscle mass you have.

The amount of body fat someone should have on them is relative. However, 10-20% for men and 18-28% is considered healthy. This does vary from person to person.


  • The more lean body mass you have on you the higher your Basal Metabolic Rate. This means the more LBM you have the more calories your body can burn while at rest.
  • Research from UCLA Medicine found that every 10% increase in skeletal muscle mass, there was an 11% decrease in insulin resistance. Therefore, having muscles helps prevent diabetes.
  • Having muscles can help us recover from serious injuries or illness. Our body needs protein to recover. In the case that we do not consume enough protein, our body can protect itself by using our muscles for recovery.
  • It can protect us from falls and fractures.

The initial dunk will take place on May 20th at Makers CrossFit. Time slots will be reserved  through NorCal Fitness Wave. Link to that will be provided later.

The dunk is $80 which will be considered in the price of the challenge.


There will be check-ins week 1, week 3, and week 5 via email. Week 1 will focus on any questions and planning. Week 3 will be for accountability and to assess if any adjustments are needed. Week 5 will go over where to go from there.

Price for Makers Challenge:

$150 (this includes the dunk)

There is only 15 spots for the challenge.

To save your spot follow the link below!

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