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Not Hungry for Breakfast?

Last week, we asked on our social media account:

If you don’t eat breakfast, why?

Not being hungry was the overwhelming winner.

Breakfast means just that… Breaking the fast of not eating throughout the night. 

If you are not hungry, after technically fasting for a few hours, we ask why?

Commons reasons you might not be hungry:

  • Not a long enough fast throughout the night. 
    • If the last time you ate was 9PM, and you wake at 5AM then it makes sense why you wouldn’t be very hungry. We do suggest a 12 hour window of “fasting” through the night to give your organs and digestive system its own break from working hard breaking down food throughout the day. That means if you stop eating at 8pm then breakfast should be at 8am. 
  • Stress.
    • Stress turns off your hunger cues. If you wake up with urgency to get yourself and/or your kids ready for the day, then you are starting your day in a state of stress and goodbye hunger cues.
    • If you, chose to skip breakfast, two things will most likely happen.
      • You are putting your body in a deeper state of stress. Food is an automatic way to put your body into a relax state and help combat stress. 
      • You will probably make poor nutrition decisions later in the day. Once your hunger cues do turn on the point of no control, they most likely will be asking for high calorie resources. Hello, sugar and fast food cravings. 

If you are not hungry in the morning here are some things you can do

  • Watch your eating window. 12 hours is the sweet spot.
  • Journal what you are eating throughout the day. Are you meals later in the day too big? Are they quality foods or craving foods?
  • Have something small in the morning. 
    • Suggestions
      • Bulletproof coffee
      • Yogurt with fruit and nuts
      • Piece of toast and eggs
      • A protein shake 
  • Prep your breakfast the night before so you have no excuses to skip it.

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