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Restaurant Calories Misconception

There are main groups when it comes to nutrition goals. Those with health goals, those with weight loss or muscle gain goals, and those with performance goals.

For those who are looking to gain or lose weight, calories in and calories out does matter. Those who are looking for healthy benefits quality matter. In the perfect scenario, focusing on both is optimal for those who are looking for body composition goals.

What is has calories a Big Mac or Chili Quesadilla Explosion Salad?


What?? Yes, it is true!

But its a salad… So where does the calories come from? Fat: 94g Carbs 82g Protein 63g

Restaurants have ways to sneaking ingredients and sugars to help keep it tasty and get you coming back for more.

When going to a restaurant:

  • Check the menu ahead of time
  • Read up on the nutrition facts. You can find most chain restaurants nutrition facts available on google.
  • When eating out, stick to foods that are similar to what you have at home.
  • Do not feel like you need to eat the entire meal! If it breaks your heart to leave some extra food on the plate, take it home as left overs.

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