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Sit ups for core?

When you want to work on your core, what is your go to move?… Sit Ups?

News Flash… Traditional core workout like sit ups are actually not the biggest bang for you buck.

Let’s take a look into why doing 100 sit up a day is not the more potent exercise.

Sit ups focus on just 2 muscle group (rectus abdominus and hip flexors). There is also a tendency to round the spine when doing them, when ideally we want to keep the spine rigid.

And if that does convince you, research has shown that sit ups and crunches do little to nothing to actually lose inches around the waist.

So why do we do them in CF every one in awhile… because you get out of your bed with a sit up.

BUT if we are really trying to strength your core, it is best exercises are compound lifts and planks. These movement force you to brace all area of your core (not just the rectus abdominus) and help improve stability.

Before we spew out exercises to improve your core, we got to get a baseline.

Here is your core test!

Beginning Standard Movements

Hand Supported Plank- Goal 90s (What we are looking for)

Right Side Plank -Goal  90s (What we are looking for)

Left Side Plank – Goal 90s (What we are looking for)

Supine Plank – Goal 90s (What we are looking for)

These goal numbers are good indicators if your core is strong enough to safely incorporate complex and heavy movements.

If you cannot hold these for 90s, its is okay! Next guide will be exercises to improve this. So be on the lookout!

And for those of you who can hit these marks, I got workouts for you too!… To come soon.

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