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Test Your Core

Before we spew out exercises to improve your core, we got to get a baseline.

Here is your core test!

Beginning Standard Movements

Hand Supported Plank– Goal 90s

  • Locked out elbows
  • Pits of elbows facing forward
  • Round upper back… Think push the floor down with your hands.
  • Stiff mid back, no sway.
  • Hips tilted under
  • Quads squeezing

Right Side Plank -Goal  90s (What we are looking for)

  • Locked out elbow
  • Shoulders stack on top of each other
  • Straight line from shoulder, hips, to heels

Left Side Plank – Goal 90s (What we are looking for)

  • Same as above

Supine Plank – Goal 90s (What we are looking for)

  • Shoulders pulled back with an open chest
  • Eyes gazing up towards ceiling
  • Butt squeezing
  • Straight life from shoulders, hips, to heels.

These goal numbers are good indicators if your core is strong enough to safely incorporate complex and heavy movements.

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