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The REAL Path to Success

Friends, long term success is not all rainbows and butterflies. Ask anyone in the gym who you look up to whether it is because they are lifting weights that you would consider to be your dream weights or they have had shed pounds of body fat. 

Each one one their stories will include multiples struggles and set backs. 

There will be times where you progress, then you seem to be going backwards close to where you started. Then you will progress again. Back and forth. Back and forth. This type of progress shows up in weight loss, strength numbers, energy levels, etc. 

But here is why you have to keep on going: Every time you seem to be going backwards, you won’t hit rock bottom again. The loops get smaller. 

Not only that, but overtime, you will backtrack less often. Someday you’ll look up and think, “Wow, I’ve gone a whole year without gaining any major weight.”

Many people get stuck in the first loop forever. They try something new, get results, fall off, quit, find something else. Sometimes it is because their programs, diets or tricks are unsustainable. Sometimes they’re boring. Sometimes they just don’t work.

Here is some advice. If you are just starting your first loop, keep going! Usually after 6 weeks of consistency, if you happen to fall, you will not be back at the beginning. As long as you get back to it. 

Maybe you are down on the ground right now. If so, get back up! You are at a better spot right now, then where you were when you started. Take advantage of that. You can still show up! You can still do it! And next time you fall, you will be in a better place then where you are right now. 

Inspiration provided by Chris Cooper

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