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Top Suggested Gear to Invest in for CrossFit Members

When I first started CF (back in 2013), I was quickly lectured by the gym owner on why I needed to immediately go to the nearest reebok store and purchase some CrossFit gear. Specially, lifting shoes. 

Actually now that I think about it, I don’t even remember him telling me why I needed them, just that it was a necessary purchase before I came back for another class. 

I am here to tell you that is not true. 

If anything… you need absolutely NOTHING BUT YOUR BODY to do CrossFit. 

But now that I got you thinking about it, you are probably noticing that a lot of CrossFitters do where the same type of shoes. Some people even wear some padding around their knees, hand protection on pull up days, and tape around their thumbs. All CrossFit Gear Out!

The whole shablam!

And maybe you are starting to wonder if you too should invest into some CrossFit gear. 

Once again I am here to tell you that is absolutely not true.

BUT if you did want to start investing in gear….


Level 1: You are just getting started or have been in it for a couple weeks and want to establish some good habits.

  • Clothes that make you feel good
    • Its true. Look good feel good. But you also want something that is going to stay put on your body. We of course don’t wait you wasting time keeping the ladies in, picking wedgies, and adjusting your manhood. 
  • Water bottle
    • This is the piece of gear that will help you in and outside the gym. Having a water bottle (especially one you like) will help you stay hydrated. And having a hydrated body is important for feeling good (mentally and physically).

Level 2: You are committed and in this! 

  • Shoes
  • Personal jump rope
    • Truly, using a jump too long or too short will BREAK your workout. You will be spending more time messing up your jumps than actually working out. Having your own jump rope is a great way to know that the jumprope you are using is the correct one for your height. 
    • Here are some brands we like: RX Smart Gear and RPM.

Level 3: Time to step it up

  • Grips
    • If you feel like your hands are always ripping and its stopping from fully sending it on your workouts then you may want to consider getting grips. 
    • Here are some brands we like: Victory Grips and Bear Komplex.
  • Tape
    • Cheap and great investment for some extra cushioning while using a hook grip.
    • Also helps your fingers latch onto that hook grip for all my sweaty hands people.
  • Belt
    • Belts are a tool to help you feel if you are bracing while lifting 80% of above.
    • Belts are not to hold your back together.

There you have it our top CrossFit gear to invest in.

But maybe you don’t even CrossFit…

But you are researching everything you may need to know. If this is you, stop your researching and take this as your official booty kick invitation. 

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, all you really need is you and good attitude. 

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