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What Does Health Look Like?

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve sat down with a handful of people to go over their 2019 goals. The only rule is that is had to excite them. Common goals were CrossFit related, strength numbers, body fat focused, and improved family life.

Hands down, the common phrase was “I want to be healthy.”

Love it! Great! Who wouldn’t want to be healthy?

But what does health actually look like?

As I started to dive deeper into this question and looked for objective numbers, I realized that this could be one long post. So instead of losing your attention with a short book, this will be broken up into a 3 part series.

Here is what to look forward to:

Part 1: The Numbers: Movement and Body Fat vs Lean Muscle Mass.

Part 2: Look Under the Hood

Part 3: More Than Just the Numbers

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