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Help, I need legging recommendations!

This one is a little more geared towards the ladies of the gym, but it is a legit question. What legging are the best for CrossFit?

With all the deadlifting, squatting, and running we do, I get it! We ain’t got time in the middle of a workout to wonder if the person behind us is getting a show because our pants our too see throw, nor can we be waisting time pull our pants up. 

So hear is what our members have to say:

Best CrossFit Brand Leggings

Fleo El Toro


The overall quality is great, and they stand the test of time. They also have a plethora of colors and sizes. 

Check em HERE

Best Non-CrossFit Brand Leggings

Lululemon Wunder Train Leggings


Overall a great fit, feel, and function. Also very accessible since our nearest Lululemon is in Monterey. 

The fabric helps you stay cool and dry (even you sweaty folks). The fabric is breathable, so it doesn’t stick to your skin when you gotta do that quick right before a workout pee. These legging out of all the Lulu leggings were made with CF’er in mind, meaning you can drag the bar on your legs without ruining your pants. 

Check ’em HERE

Best Affordable Leggings

Amazon Colorfukoala High Waisted Workout Leggings for Women, 7/8 Length Tummy Control Yoga Pants with Pockets


Looking for a more affordable option. We got you! Here is what amazon costumers say about these leggings. “Customers like the comfort, durability, appearance, fit and value of the leggings. They mention that they’re super soft feeling, well made, cute colors and patterns and that they hug perfectly tight to the waist without the seam pinching their skin. They also appreciate the value for money.”

Check ’em HERE

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