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Brittany started her fitness at an early age here in Salinas as a competitive gymnast. She continues competing in gymnastics throughout college. After college and a little break from finessing, Brittany decided that she wanted to continue her journey of getting physically stronger. Unfortunately going to the regular gym was cutting it due to lack of data and knowledge on what to do.

Brittany came across CrossFit after some researching and felt like it was everything she was looking for as getting finally getting coached and getting data-driven results. This is what made Brittany fall in love with CrossFit. But one of Brittany’s favorite things about her CrossFit journey has how much she learned and improved her overall lifestyles like sleep, nutrition, and stress management.

After 8 years of competing in CrossFit and working under some of the best CrossFit and Sport Nutrition coaches, Brittany felt like it was her duty to share as much knowledge she could with others.

And Makers was born. From beginning, Makers was created to be safe and welcoming to all. No matter the background or past experiences. As long as you want to learn and grow in your fitness and lifestyle, that is all that matters!

Brittany Malone | Owner

meet your support team

Eddie Takashima

CrossFit Level 1, First Aid, CPR, AED American Heart Association

Why do you love coaching CF:
Bridging the gap to a healthier and sustainable lifestyle is the goal for me as a coach and watching individuals achieve personal milestones along the way, make it all the worthwhile. When I witness individuals increase or maybe regain some general physical preparedness, I feel like I’m helping to make his/her lifestyle that much more improved over time. That’s the most rewarding experience for me as a CrossFit coach!

What is your spirit animal:

Functional Fitness/Crossfitting since 2012
Olympic Weightlifting Seminar – Jim Schmitz
Endurance events:
Olympic / Sprint distance Triathlete (Wildflower), Salinas Valley Half Marathon, Spartan Races – Beast, Super, & Sprint distances, Go Ruck Tough Challenge, Levi’s Gran Fondo – Medio & Gran distance

Chris Whitlow

Crossfit Level 1

Why do you love coaching CF: I love how it feels and the sense of accomplishment I get when I achieve my fitness goals. But what I love more, is helping someone else do that. Pushing people beyond what they thought they were capable of doing is very rewarding. I enjoy being a part of the crossfit community, because it builds people up, gets people doing new things, and helps people to live better lives. It’s my goal to get people to focus on what they can do vs. what they can’t do. By doing so, I believe they will be better physically and mentally.
Your spirit animal: Cheetah!!!

– Athlete of all major sports
– Former Spin Class Instructor
– Blue Belt Jiu Jitsu
– Crossfitting/Functional Fitness since 2007
– Competed as an Individual and on a Team at local comps
– Endurance Events: Multiple times BIX runner, several 5k/10k races, Santa Rosa Marathon, Spartan Race Super, various Mud Runs, Double Road Race, Santa Cruz Wharf to Wharf

John Bryce

L-1 with CF HQ

I love coaching CF because it provides me an opportunity to share my joy in improving our health, bodies and developing healthy sustainable lifestyles. The progress exhibited by our members and the joy that brings to them makes it all worthwhile for me.

Spirit Animal: Dolphin

My physical/health journey started after high school. I was overweight all the way through high school, I began to run and workout in a “globo” gym to address my weight and health. Through my college years I begin to get involved with cycling, both road and mountain biking; watching my first Tour de France was the clincher. I then started to compete in running road races, 10k and 1/2 marathons, as well as triathlons and biathlons.

After my children were born, I told myself that I wanted to get in the best shape of my life so that I could enjoy and participate in their lives; this included everything from snow skiing, water skiing, coaching my son’s little league an soccer teams. Now my next great motivator is to stay in shape and have a long healthy lifestyle to enjoy my soon to be grand son’s birth.

Ashley Dorado

Crossfit Level 1

Why do you love coaching CF:
I love coaching CrossFit because I get to make a difference in someone’s life each day. Also creating a friendship with each member.

Spirit Animal:
Labrador (dog) loyal, always willing to help and work

Started working out 5 years ago and took on running. Ran 7 half marathons and started to incorporate strength training, when a friend recommended I try CrossFit. So I decided to join Makers CrossFit. I loved the support you got from the coaches as well as the other members. So, I became an CFL1.